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Why Some Scars From the Recession May Never Vanish

Krueger found that nearly half of the working-age men who are not in the labor force take pain medication daily; many employers have recently complained that they are having trouble finding workers who can pass a drug test . Other factors that could be keeping people out of the job market are also being examined. In a widely discussed paper earlier this year, for example, economists at the University of Chicago and other schools argued that some young men are opting out of the labor force to play video games. (Other economists are skeptical .) Some research has pointed a finger at the federal disability system: Nearly two million more Americans are receiving federal disability payments than when the recession began in 2007, an increase that some economists argue is a reflection of the benefits’ use as an alternative to work. Some research , however, has concluded that the increase in disability claimants is due mostly to an aging population and is, in any case, a small piece of the overall decline in employment. Deeper changes in the structure of the American economy could also be playing a part. A variety of evidence, including declining rates of entrepreneurship and falling job turnover, suggests the nation’s economy has become less dynamic and flexible since 2000, which could have made it harder for workers and companies alike to adapt following the shock of a recession. And the recession may have accelerated trends that were already underway: Research from Lisa B. Kahn, a Yale economist, and a co-author has found that companies had, in effect, taken advantage of the recession to replace workers with machines. That was particularly damaging for men without a college degree — a group that was already struggling before the recession and that has been especially Skip Tracer slow to recover from it.

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